The Nan@rts Start-up company was born to help the best Scientists of today and the outstanding of tomorrow.

At Bioscope Group ( we believe in a world where your career gets everything it needs; where you can perform optimally; where research is your soul, and where the use of innovative products marks the difference.

Nan@rts is an amazing small enterprise that scientifically matches perfectly with the research of today and tomorrow. Research is not perfect, but at Bioscope-Proteomass we are hard at work every day to create the perfect products based on nanotechnology!


The scientific society is always under constant pressure. The production of scientific data, and in particular papers of excellence, comes at the expense of time and resources. About 80% of all results produced end up in the trash. It’s time for an alternative. Using the best products in your research safe time and increases your impact.


Nan@rts is a new idea of enterprise created by great scientists, futurists and professional researchers with an outstanding record of publications. Contact with us concerning your necessities. Together we could improve your research.